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Since most items are made to order we like to keep you updated with any changes. You can view the current status of your order any time you wish. We will also inform you about any information we require or if we foresee any potential delays.


As your order processes through its production journey, its status will update. Here is a breakdown of all the potential statuses you might see:

Frames On Order

Your frames have been ordered directly from the manufacturer. These usually take around 5-7 working days to arrive with us, but sometimes sooner.


Lenses In Production

Your prescription lens requirements have been passed to our laboratories to be produced. The vast majority of lenses will be ready almost immediately, but other lenses such as progressives, bifocals, tinted products and high index materials usually take around 5-10 working days to produce.


Frames Prepared for Glazing

When the frames arrive from the manufacturer these will undergo an assessment by one of our technicians in preparation to have your lenses glazed into the frames. The frame shape will be traced to accurately determine the required shape for your new prescription lenses.


Lenses Prepared for Glazing

Following production of your lenses these will undergo an assessment by one of our technicians to confirm the powers as well as set them up to the correct orientation in preparation to be cut to the shape of the frames.


Entered Glazing Lab

At this stage both the frames and lenses have been prepared, the lenses will now undergo the cutting stage which is referred to as glazing. This will involve a machine usually cutting a circular lens down to the shape of the frames. Following this the lenses will also go through various stages to finish the edges to suit the type of frames selected. Sometimes unforeseen delays may arise during the glazing procedure, but usually this process will take around 2-4 days.


Entered Specialised Production

Specialised production will incorporate various prescriptions and/or lens and frame selections. This process is also known as surfacing, which means using special complex state-of-the-art computer generated algorithms we will calculate the best form lens to suit your prescription, lens and frame choice. This will also ensure the lenses will be made as thin and as light as possible based on the details of the order. As a result of this complexity, surfacing will undergo a number of stages to reach completion, usually this will take around 10-15 days but sometimes this can be sooner.


In Production

This will encompass all budget non designer items. This status will usually follow the same route as detailed above with the exception that the frames are held in stock, therefore production is usually much quicker as the vast majority of lenses will be ready almost immediately. Normally budget items are completed within 5-7 days if not sooner. Other lenses such as progressives, bifocals, tinted products and high index materials usually take around 5-10 working days to produce.


Entered Quality Control & Dispatch Dept

The finial stage is quality control, which will involve evaluation of both the frames and lenses to confirm everything meets our high standards. In particular your prescription lenses must conform to British Standard tolerance BS EN ISO 21987:2009.1. Quality and accuracy is paramount to us, this cannot be relinquished to facilitate an express service.


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